Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baptism Hymn

I scribbled this metrical version of Mark 10.14-16 because I couldn't find a short processional hymn for the baptism of an infant within the context of a Sunday Eucharist. It's metre is 77.77 and works reasonably well to the tune "Buckland", to which "Loving shepherd of thy sheep" is usually sung.

It is short enough to not overly extend the liturgy. I struggled with the third line of the first verse when I first wrote it. The first draft had "For God's kingdom doth belong", which I really disliked. I'm not a fan of archaic language in new hymns, but "does" didn't seem right. This morning I had another look at it and thought that, while eschatologically inferior, "For God's kingdom shall belong" was a better choice.

The hymn is offered here for improvement if you have any ideas, or for you to use if you are looking for a short hymn for a baptism service.

Let the little children come,
do not hold them back from me.
For God's kingdom shall belong
only to such ones as these.

Very truly, hear my word:
Childlike must you also be;
trusting in your Father's care,
if you would his kingdom see.

Praise, O God to you be given!
Praise on earth and praise in heaven.
Father, Son and Spirit praise
throughout everlasting days. Amen.