Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I have been puzzling over a metrical Benedictus written by Timothy Dudley Smith Our God has turned to his people, which I found almost un-singable. I started tinkering with it, and ended up rewriting it to a different metre. This offered for comment, correction, suggestion, improvement etc. It is now in the metre 88 88 D, and has been written to be sung to the hymn tune Schm├╝cke dich

God has turned to us, his people,
freeing us from sin and evil;
raising up a mighty saviour,
Victor, with his flock for ever.
Monarch in the house of David
as foretold by holy sages.
God has plentif’lly redeemed us
He has poured his blessings o’er us.

God has bowed down to restore us,
faithful to his ancient promise,
rescues us from all who harm us,
from the hands of those who hate us.
This, the oath to Fathers given
freed from foes, at peace with heaven,
we would give to him our praises
evermore through all the ages.

Child of God, great prophet, making,
straight the path for the world’s true king,
showing us God’s loving kindness,
proclaiming God’s great forgiveness.
So shall dawn out of our darkness
heavens morning,  glorious brightness,
guiding us out of the shadows
peaceful paths our feet to follow.

Glory be to God the Father;
Glory to his Son our Saviour,
Dying, risen, ascended for us,
who has heav’nly realms won for us;
Glory be to God the Spirit;
may we all your life inherit;
glory both in earth and heaven,
be for endless ages given. Amen.